Debut CD mit Chopin, Schumann, Debussy, Janácek

"Perfect balance - cello-piano duo of the future"
Süddeutsche Zeitung



"The duo... turns this music into a celebration. Everything sings and sounds... A coherent overall view and a successful contribution to the Mendelssohn Year!"

"The duo Arp/Frantz understands the expressive nuances of Mendelssohn's music... fusing restlessness with lyricism and yet allowing a classicist brightness to float above everything - that is the trademark of this ensemble."
More about this in the ENSEMBLE! (2/2009)

"... the Arp Frantz duo plays the works for cello and piano in all their flowing splendor ..."
KulturSPIEGEL (Johannes Saltzwedel, March 2009)

"... A recording that makes you want to hear more of Mendelssohn's chamber music ..."
(Arte Kultur, April 2009)

"With the CD by Julian Arp and Caspar Frantz, the still young Mendelssohn year certainly has one of its first highlights... You have to flood the market with such care and seriousness..."
Klassik.com (Tobias Roth, March 2009)

"...Julian Arp and Caspar Frantz approach this highly demanding music with sensitive virtuosity, with a feeling for sound and construction, for style and structure - but there is never the impression of dry headiness. The approach is warm and soft, but not softened ; emotional, but not emotional..."
Leipziger Volkszeitung (January 2009)

"In 2006 they won the Mendelssohn Bartholdy Prize. The cellist Julian Arp and the pianist Caspar Frantz prove why they deserve it on their extremely subtle Genuin CD..."
Kieler Nachrichten (02/2009)


„Time isn‘t passing“: Bach/ Kurtág

"Their high technical level gives them the opportunity to create a wealth of different timbres, and the interaction is finely coordinated. They have internalized this timeless music and pass it on in such a way that the listener can also immerse themselves in it."
The review by Ulrike Henningsen on NDR Kultur (10/2012)

Kiel News "The Arp Frantz duo offers a courageous CD that always remains accessible and its concept is convincing."
Kieler Nachrichten (11/2012)

"How wonderfully the gently dabbing, often minimalist sound gestures complement each other with the strict counterpoint."
Review in Ensemble magazine by Anja Renczikowski, (06/2012)

"...highly interesting and dynamic performers..."
Review in Pizzicato magazine (02/2013)

"The New Music, performed in an accomplished and careful manner, is juxtaposed with a modern approach to Bach; Gouldian drive can be felt here beyond the instruments."
Klassik.com by Tobias Roth, (04/2013)


„Arpeggio“ works by Arp, Bach, Schubert and Piazzolla



Ahorn Samen ©️Julian Arp
Birkenrinde ©️Julian Arp
Vogel über Stromleitung ©️Julian Arp
Schattenspiel ©️Julian Arp
Weinglas ©️Julian Arp
Vogelflügel ©️Julian Arp
Eidotter ©️Julian Arp
Vogelschwarm ©️Julian Arp
Meiskolbenblatt ©️Julian Arp
Herzerdbeere ©️Julian Arp
Hängendes Blatt ©️Julian Arp
Luftaufnahme Felder ©️Julian Arp
Holzbretter ©️Julian Arp
Bergsee ©️Julian Arp
Marienkäfer ©️Julian Arp
Ölpfütze ©️Julian Arp
Lochgitter ©️Julian Arp
Vogelflug im Windschatten ©️Julian Arp
Wassertropfen ©️Julian Arp
Weiße Taube ©️Julian Arp
SLOW-Schriftzug auf Straße ©️Julian Arp
Kirchturmspitzen ©️Julian Arp
Baumspiegelung in Pfütze ©️Julian Arp
Verwehte Farbe ©️Julian Arp
Wolkenspiegelung auf Motorhaube ©️Julian Arp
Stacheln eines Seeigels ©️Julian Arp
Loch auf blauer Fläche ©️Julian Arp
Kerben im Sand ©️Julian Arp
Fliesen mit Sternmuster ©️Julian Arp
Handabdruck auf Holz ©️Julian Arp
Spuren im Schnee ©️Julian Arp
Sich ausrollende Pflanzen ©️Julian Arp
Schrift im Staub ©️Julian Arp


Masterclass in Neuberg an der Mürz


Masterclass in Neuberg an der Mürz   24-28 July


Mehr Termine

Arpeggio, an album by Julian Arp and Caspar Frantz

Arpeggio, an album by Julian Arp and Caspar Frantz