East and West works by Cage Mozart, Kraus,

Queen Silvia Concert Hall, Stockholm

A mini-festival of musical Enlightenment in the luminous setting of Lilla Akademien’s Queen Silvia Concert Hall,


Awakening the Senses works by Cage, Debussy, Mozart, Rameau, Ravel

Queen Silvia Concert Hall, Stockholm

A mini-festival of musical Enlightenment in the luminous setting of Lilla Akademien’s Queen Silvia Concert Hall,



On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the death of the great cellist and educator Boris Pergamenschikow, students and friends

Dance and infinity, a laughing and a crying eye, abyss and a lyrical farewell song:

it‘s all to be heard in the latest album, called Arpeggio, recorded together with my duo partner Caspar Frantz.

The heart of this new album are two pieces: ‚Suitencello‘ and ‚For two hands‘ by the German composer Klaus Arp who was my late uncle. His piano works written in the 70s in times of Minimal Music are permanently floating, luminous particles in the water, oscillating between fluid and firm textures. The listener is invited to lose control over the perception of time and furthermore invited to experience from a different perspective. These fascinating musical miniatures are contrasted by the extraordinary music of Franz Schubert- his deep humanity and musical genius. With its subtle emotional language we lose our sense of time in a next dimension.

The Arpeggione Sonata created a very strong bond with my uncle, not only in a shared adoration of our beloved Viennese composer, it was in fact the only romantic piece that we both performed in a concert together once upon a time. It is also the work that Caspar Frantz and I have intensely immersed ourselves in and performed on many stages throughout Europe since we first met. 

And we continue our journey continually discovering something new and always experiencing a sense of awe.

‚Suitencello‘, Klaus Arp‘s work for cello solo refers to what is often described as the old testament for cellists: the six Suites for cello solo by the great Johann Sebastian Bach.
In the beginning of the album we hear the very famous arpeggi from the suite in g-major, the beauty of which once made me articulate my wish to play the cello aged six. ‚Suitencello‘ can be read as a quote full of reminiscences, alienated threads of Bach‘s music. Just like being inside a spiral or being put under a spell, the listener senses a wonderful musical microcosm.

On the album you also find Le Grand Tango by the father of Argentinian Tango, the great Astor Piazzolla. Caspar Frantz and I have spent at least two decades with Piazzolla‘s Tango and have hence had the fantastic opportunity to discover the visceral physicallity of the piece and the liberation of expression.


I am truly thrilled to announce that there is a new wonderful cello concerto! A few months ago I performed the world premiere of the Concertino for cello and orchestra by the incredibly multifaceted composer, bandoneon player and musical friend Marcelo Nisinman together with magnificent Hugo Ticciati and his wonderful O/Modernt Orchestra. 

The first movement „Gaia’s Tango“ was written three years ago and premiered at the Konzerthaus Berlin. You can listen into a moment of this dazzling work on this website. And here’s what I wrote to Marcelo just before the World Premiere:

„Your music is never sentimental, nor melancholic for no reason, and yet it can perhaps only be understood within the (often lazily, superficially interpreted) nostalgic context of the tango.

Like Brahms, Schubert or Beethoven it seems that there is always a farewell song to an irrevocably lost world. At the same time there is the happily dancing, gossiping gesture of a now state, with a view of an intact yesterday and a trembling, uncertain tomorrow. The dance is archaic in your music, interwoven with antiquity and its deities, hence a hierarchy in which man still had his place.

The tango from back then in the harbor bars of Buenos Aires, perhaps a necessary expression of an attitude towards life, and your tango have another thing in common, it seems to me: there is always a little laughter somewhere, almost a diabolical gesture, however never cynical“

And here are Marcelo‘ words after writing this Concertino:

„The inspiration for this work came simultaneously with working together with Julian and Hugo. Also after many years, I think I sense (rather than know) Julian's artistic personality. I humbly believe the composition is intense and deep (like him), and although obviously the influences of the music of Buenos Aires cannot be absent, especially in energy and rhythm, suddenly, in the second movement, Bach is evoked, as if Bach were walking through the streets of Buenos Aires... Impossible. But possible in art, at least in mine."


I'm very happy to be back this summer for my favourite masterclasses of the year:

in Neuberg an der Mürz ( Austria) and in Cividale del Friuli (Northern Italy)


Neuberg an der Mürz  July 24-27


My wonderful colleagues Maighréad McCrann, Rachel Roberts, I-Ting Chen and I would love everyone to enjoy this week and absorb the magical ambience there which is so conducive to enriched learning. The nature is gorgeous, mountainy and very inspiring.

Each student will get four times 45 minutes individual lessons, then we will rehearse cello ensembles and there will be a technique group lesson (bow hand and special scale system created by Pergamenschikow) and an audition training.

Normally, a day in Neuberg starts with some Yoga which is very popular among the students.

We always have a few get-togethers where we enjoy the culinary delights Neuberg has to offer and last time we all went for a long hike together.


Closing date: Friday May 31, 2024



Cividale del Friuli 9-13 August


Intensive lessons, lots of concert opportunities, chamber orchestra, stunning scenery with a gorgeous river (to swim in) that runs through the village.

A very special, medieval place with excellent cuisine, wonderful vibes and a brilliant faculty including Maja Bogdanovic, Anna Fedorova, Daniel Rowland, Konstantin Lifschitz a.o.


Closing date: Sunday June 30, 2024



This website reflects my work with the cello and as a musician so far.
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